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What is the 10%Club?
The 10%Club is about results. It’s well documented that up to 90% of small businesses fail in the first year of trading. The big question remaining is, "How do I ensure that I become one of the 10% that succeed?" Most small businesses fail because they do not start well. The most common observation made by small business owners that have failed is that they would have started differently i.e. with a different frame of mind, with a different perspective, with a different plan.


The 10%Club Objectives?
The objective of the 10%Club is to help Small Business Owners to avoid making the same mistakes that others have made (Confucious said that to learn from others mistakes is the mark of a truly wise man). The 10%Club is not a networking group, but rather a Forum for serious Small Business Owners to discover and share vital information on what and what not to do when growing your business. The 10%Club will therefore appeal to members that are prepared to commit to an ongoing path of knowledge, self-help and accountability. So, please don't join unless you are serious about growing your business!!

Who is the 10%Club for?

  1. Anyone preparing for, or being forced to, start their own business.
  2. Anyone having started a small business and are serious about making it work.
  3. Anyone who has a business going but is struggling to make it work.

How does it work?
The 10%Club meets consistently once a month at a convenient venue in their respective region. Each Chapter of the Club is hosted by a Group Facilitator. Each meeting will last no longer than 2 hours. The opening 15 minutes of each meeting will be a presentation by an individual who is an expert in their respective field, or a video on a topic that is relevant to the Small Business Owner. The following 45 minutes will be open discussion around the topic presented. The second half of the meeting (1 hour) will be open to the floor for both questions and discussion surrounding challenges that each member faces in achieving business success, and the possible solutions.

What about Accountability?
Minutes will be taken during each meeting recording the advice, the agreed solution and the action plan each member is given. The respective members will then be held accountable to the group regarding action taken and results against the advice given. Accountability is the key to the success of each business and is the primary differentiator between the 10%Club and other small business meetings. Members that consistently ignore or procrastinate on advice offered will be given an opportunity to justify their position or be requested to leave the Club. The 10%Club is about results.

Cost of Membership?
Membership is always FREE. However, to facilitate a social atmosphere each member attending is asked to bring a small plate of snacks to the meeting as a commitment to fellow members.

Where can I find the 10%Club?
Currently there are two chapters of the 10%Club - one for the Helderberg Region of the Western Cape, and one for the Hermanus Region.

  1. Helderberg Chapter - Chris van Rooyen
  2. Hermanus Chapter - Burrie van der Hoven

But the 10%Club is not 'owned' by anyone. Should you wish to start your own 10%Club in your region you are welcome to do so. To launch a 10%Club all you are required to do is:

  1. inform us so we can list and help market you
  2. and stick strictly to the constitution outlined below.


  Click the icon opposite for a printable PDF version
of the 10%Cub Description and Constitution
Club Constitution

1. Name
The name of the Club shall be “The 10%Club” hereinafter referred to as the Club.

2. Objectives
The “The 10%Club” is a FREE discussion forum for small business owners.
To create a self-help environment calling on the experience of others.
To help and hold accountable small business owners with respect to the effective running of their business.
To assist the unemployed into a position of self-employment.

3. Committee
a) The Club will be under the management of the initiating committee.
b). The officers of the committee shall consist of :-
1. The Chairman.
2. The Secretary.
3. The Treasurer (Minor role can be held by the secretary or chairman).
4. One other member to make up the committee, being a junior member where possible.

4. Meetings
a) Meetings of the committee shall be as per the Constitution. Minutes of all meetings
be made and retained by the Secretary. A quorum for a committee meeting shall be
two thirds of its members. All committee members are required to attend at least once a month. Those who fail to fulfil this requirement may be the subject of
disciplinary proceedings at the discretion of the Chairman.
b) The committee shall convene one Annual General Meeting of all members within
each calendar year at a place and time which in their opinion is most acceptable to the
general membership.
c) The purpose of the Annual General Meeting shall be to review the activities and
performance of the Club over the previous year and to set targets for the following
year and to elect a new committee.
d) Nominations for posts on the committee must be received by the existing
committee at least three weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
e) Changes to the Constitution can only be effected at an Annual General Meeting and
then only by two thirds majority of voting members.
f) Resolutions on any matter pertaining to the Club for consideration by the Annual
General Meeting, shall be in writing and received three weeks before the meeting.
g) The committee shall inform all its members of the date and venue of the Annual
General Meeting at least one month before the meeting.
h) An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called for by the members on submission
of a notice of agenda to the committee which has been signed by at least two thirds of
the members. The meeting to be called by the committee within one month of receipt
of notice.

5. Elections
Except where otherwise stipulated by the Constitution all elections within the Club
will be decided by majority vote and each candidate will require one nominator and
one seconder.

6. Membership
a) Membership is open to all members in good standing. Membership is free at all times.
b) Associate membership may be granted to persons who in the opinion of the
committee can assist the Club in reaching its objectives. They may attend meetings by
invitation but have no vote.

7. Cost of Mambership:
Membership is always FREE. However, to facilitate a social atmosphere each member attending is asked to bring a small plate of snacks to the meeting as a commitment to fellow members.

8. Safety
Venues used for meetings of the Club must conform to basic safety regulations such as but not exclusive to: fire escapes, toilets, parking, structure, area etc.

9. Discipline:
The committee shall suspend or dismiss any member who in their opinion has
misconducted themselves or has brought the Club into disrepute. In all
instances the member has the right to appeal.

10. Duties of Officers
Chairperson to chair all meetings. To allow equal time for debate and
discussion. To advise secretary on meetings agenda’s. Have
casting vote in the event of a tie. To pursue resolutions
passed at meetings - making sure people do their job.
Treasurer responsible to keep account
of all transactions. Submit to the committee a yearly report.
To be chairman of all fund raising activities.
Secretary responsible for:- Making sure there is coffee and tea at each meeting. keeping an up to date minute book with
an attendance record. For making out the agenda with the
chairman for all meetings. All correspondence to and from
the Club. Membership records. Informing members of
coming events.


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