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Having lived through decades of experience from the early
years of the emerging concept of branding to the new marketing methodologies
that have been driven by technology today we have acquired a broad and
mature perspective on how marketers can best connect with their markets
to develop a sustainable relationship.

Inbound Marketing now plays a dominant role in conjunction with
the more traditional Outbound Marketing. Marketers still require targeted
media to attract, but the long-term benefit of Inbound Marketing affords
the sustainability and competitiveness required to survive in today's marketplace.


Brick Moon is a Satellite Marketing team that offers companies considerable
collective experience backed by all-round marketing expertise and resources
at a fraction of the cost of an incorporated Marketing Department.



Focusing on the problem most often creates more problems
Focusing on where you desire to be brings about solutions



Chris has been involved in the field of communications from Creative Director to
Board member of large corporates such as Y&R, McCanns, Bates, Citigate and
Leo Burnett Intl. Key skills include strategic brand development & creative strategies,
solutions and applications. Chris has also facilitated many sales training workshops.
[See Linked In profile]

Burrie has a strong agency background gained in large reputable ad agencies
such as Y&R, JWT, Ogilvy and Zoom Advertising. He contributes considerable expertise
in classic brand building, retail disciplines and has hands-on FMCG Brand Management
experience. Burrie also has extensive HR experience. For more information see Linked In profile.
[See Linked In profile]

Our team has brick-solid experience across the full Marketing Mix including:
Strategic Development, Advertising and Promotion, Social Activation,
Corporate Design, Market Analysis, Sales Motivation and support,
Public Relations and communication via all media.

Our methodology is simple. We listen, plan and take action.


Chris van Rooyen Follow us on Twitter Marketing articles Click to see Linked In profile   Burrie van der Hoven Burrie van der Hoven

Chris van Rooyen
Managing Director


Burrie van der Hoven
Operations Manager


Brick Moon specialises in ideas that work,
in turning negatives into positives.


About Brick Moon Marketing South Africa



How do you benefit?
* We offer invaluable experience that has survived growing pains and technology change.
* Our perspective on both business and marketing is mature and contemporary.
* We assess, recommend, implement, and measure.
* We present you with an economical budgeting opportunity through predictable retainer.
* We give you space and time to think.
* You benefit from collective experience.
* Our services promote cost-efficiency and profitability.
* You have access our network of tried and tested service providers.
* You benefit from a 'third eye' unbiased perspective.
* An opportunity to establish a performance-based marketing department off-site.
* Increase salesperson performance dramatically [See Training]



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