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"Knowing is not enough...
we must apply.
Willing is not enough...
we must do."

Motivation is not a warm glow that you feel. It is an action.
And don't expect others to motivate succeed you need to motivate yourself!


Brick Moon management has decades of combined knowledge and experience
on both sides of the marketing/advertising fence.

This experience extends from ground zero product and service development to marketing and advertising
roll-out strategies for large national brands to small brand startups



"Education is the most powerful
tool you can use to change
the world."

Change is not just necessary, it is inevitable. In your life, in your business, in the world.
Knowledge helps us to change in the right direction




Human behaviour is a harnessable asset for any business.
Understanding how we and others instinctively behave is key to
identifying markets, building content and developing brands..

  Outsourced Services  


"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

Collaboration is the new business model. Share knowledge, expertise,
experiences and ideas. In business 'no man is an island'.



The Benefits of what we do:
* Simplify staff management issues
* Benefit from collective experience
* Access our network of tried and tested service providers
* Find different, quick and practical solutions to marketing problems
* Establish a performance-based marketing department off-site
* Increase salesperson performance dramatically



"A budget is telling your money
where to go...instead of
wondering where it went."

It's not about how much money we allocate to budget, but rather how
we use it. "Money well spent" alludes to efficiency not quantity.



Budget Efficiency


Streamlining your budget is a better road to efficiency than simply reducing it..
* Reduce financial and resource overheads

* Economical and predictable budgeting through retainers
* Promote cost-efficiency and profitability
* Increase budget value
through cost-effective outsourcing

  Innovation is Leadership  


"Business has only two functions.
Marketing and Innovation."

Marketing is the holistic process of selling, and
innovation is the necessary process of change



Change is hard at the beginning. Messy in the middle.
But incredible in the end.



"We'll take the cake
with the red cherry on the top."

This is at the heart of all customer expectations. Going the extra mile
or delivering beyond the expected is not just a company function,
it's a consumer demand.



Going the extra mile


"Going the extra mile" is the most
underperformed cliche in the business dictionary!



"The best Marketing
fits so well it doesn't
feel like Marketing."

Good marketing is like your favourite item of clothing.
The look may have attracted you, but it's the feel that stays with you.



"Our services are unbiased, objective, solutions-based and,
where necessary, brutally honest."



"Strategy is knowing what star
you want to reach and
knowing what stands in your way."

Knowing where the star is does not necessarily mean
you can go in a straight line to reach it.



Strategy first


Our methodology is simple. We listen, plan and take action.
Our team has brick-solid experience across the full Marketing Mix including: Strategic Development, Advertising and Promotion,
Social Activation, Corporate Design, Market Analysis, Sales Motivation and support, Public Relations and communication via all media.



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