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  The power of education  


"Education is the most powerful
tool you can use to change
the world."
Nelson Mandela
To us change is not just necessary, it is inevitable.
In your life, in your business, in the world.
Knowledge helps us to change in the right direction.



You can't build a company on your own. To build a company
you first have to build it's people. Better people build better companies.
It's not rocket science, but it does require a commitment.



"Human behavior flows from
three main sources:
desire, emotion & knowledge."
We all judge people instinctively by their behavior.
And as we do it, they do the same to us.



* Custom short sales training modules
* Keynote talks during training sessions
* Half-day and one-day seminars
* Motivational interjections
* Perspective on success
* Perspective on behaviour
* Perspective on successful behaviour


The Salesperson - your greatest asset:
“Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field.” (Jack Welch).
What applies to a successful sporting team applies to business as well. It’s not companies that are successful, its people!
Good salespeople are the company’s greatest asset, whether in the background as support, or in the foreground on the sales floor.
Well-trained salespeople and synergy between everyone is what makes both the company and the individual successful.


Skills Facilitation:
Brick Moon offers facilitation in Sales Skills Training, particularly
in the field of Sales Behaviour. It is behaviour that creates the
relationship with the customer thereby building a positive image for the
Brand and creating a salesperson out of a customer. Simply making the
sale is not enough - today's salesperson needs to go the extra mile.

Too often salespeople are simply "thrown in the deep end" and expected
to perform. This is simply an illogical expectation and without doubt
counter-productive to any retail operation.

New Customer Service Ethics Required:
The modern customer has changed so significantly in recent years
(amongst many other things they demand greater transparency and integrity),
that it is more important now than ever to take the customer’s needs
seriously when selling anything to them. Customers are now using both new technology
and new buying criteria from which to make key purchasing decisions.

  Training empowers the individual  
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Human behaviour is a
harnessable asset for any business.

Understanding how we and others instinctively behave is key to
identifying markets, building content and developing brands..


Training seminars


Training Behavior



Course/talk outcomes?

Our aim is to empower the salesperson beyond
just sales skills and bonuses, and
to equip them with the confidence and character
to make a difference in their career.

Our programs set out to achieve numerous objectives,
not the least of which equipping the salesperson with
greater relevant skills to apply in the pursuit of
successful salesmanship.

The real secret to success
Body language
Customer engagement
Presentation skills
Relationship skills
The power of knowledge
The crisis of time management
Reaching the extra mile


  If you would like more information on the courses provided
please click on the icon opposite or contact us directly
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Fresh Perspective!

A fresh perspective is often all it takes to re-energise and
motivate people towards a more effective way of thinking and doing.
Seeing things differently can alter the course towards
greater effect and productivity.


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  Sales behavior  


In the process of selling and delivering, it is only through our personal behaviour that we can change customer perceptions.”
People buy from people they like. This simple principle
lies at the heart of successful salesmanship. How you behave is central
to being truly effective.

Sales behavior


Every individual wishes to be a success.
Don't deny them their opportunity.

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We look forward to chatting to you.


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